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Tun Channareth, who would later work with JRS in the Cambodia Campaign to Ban Landmines and the wheelchair shop first met JRS in the Khmer refugee camps. “I lost my legs on the 18 December 1982. At that time, I was a crazy person. I tried to kill myself two times. I preferred to die by myself. Six months later, I felt much better and at that time I started living with my wife in the camps. We had a fifth child. In 1986, I began professional training and studying at the COERR office in the refugee camps. After that, I learned skills and re-gained hope. I realised that when I got back to Cambodia I could find a job and support my family.”

In the Khmer refugee camps, Khmer women learn traditional dance. The move to revive Khmer culture through the teaching of traditional dance began in the early 80s and was strongly supported by JRS and COERR.

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