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My Home: Displacement, Diaspora, and Desire

A small reminder of home in the journey of refugees

This refugee rights exhibition highlights the poems, drawings, and other treasured belongings from refugees, that hold them close to home and transform their sense of identity and belonging. It allows viewers to witness the refugees’ journeys from their place of origin, towards resettlement, through their own lens.


Though caught in the middle of her journey finding true belonging, Ashley’s rental room, her imaginary home, shields her from outside troubles and offers a moment at peace within herself.
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Hava Rezaie

Hava’s sense of belonging and identity is still attached to her past. It’s not Afghanistan as a country that she feels home, but rather her community – the Hazara people.
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Wherever her mother is, that is home for her. “I wish my parents to be safe… from immigration police, and I wish we are forever together.” 
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A Chinese Uncle

Guo spent the remaining years of his life battling illness and seeking asylum to no avail. These are belongings he left behind with only the caseworkers who fondly remember him…
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Home is not made up with just 4 walls, but as human, we need recognition in the society as well. “I made this home as a society in one home….
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Myanmar IDPs

A cooking pot and matchstick, a makeshift tent fashioned from tarpaulin, and a slingshot, have become daily essentials for IDP’s warmth during long nights, as well as protection from danger….
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Embracing the identity she long suppressed, Marta is now living as a woman and holds on to her suitcase everywhere she goes- carrying her fading memories of home.
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Abdul Samad Haidari

Abdul’s trusted backpack bears more than just his belongings. The ‘bombed soil of his hometown’ and ‘shards of childhood memories’ all take up space inside.
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Locked safely in the pages of Dephne’s blue diary, are the anecdotes of a teenager who fled religious persecution in search of a new life.
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