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Origin: Vietnam
Host: Thailand

An innocent toddler who fled religious persecution, Pim’s parents and three siblings are seen smiling in her crayon drawing, depicting a reunited family that overcame the threat of detention and separation. While home is where Pim finds happiness and safety, the young child still yearns for her grandmother’s touch, now far away, with only the handmade baby carrier that once held her in their escape from the Vietnamese highlands, serving as a comforting reminder. 

I wish my parents to be safe… from immigration police, and I wish we are forever together.

Pim was asked to draw in the theme of “Remembering Home”. For her, home means warmth, happiness, and safety. She chose to draw her home in Vietnam with her whole family members. Though she was a little baby when the family left Vietnam, Vietnam is still recognized as her home, not the one in Thailand. 

Pim misses the touch of her grandmother who is still in Vietnam and a traditional baby carrier, the handcrafted cloth made by her grandmother for Pim. It has been kept beside her since she was born. Pim was held in the carrier while fleeing persecution to Thailand. 

Pim perceives that ‘home’ is her family members, especially her mother. Wherever her mother is, that is ‘home’. When asked to make wishes, she wants her family member to be forever together and to be safe. “I wish my parents to be safe… from immigration police, and I wish we are forever together.” 

Remark: The activity was conducted by Psychosocial Counsellors of Jesuit Refugee Service Thailand.  

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