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Myanmar IDPs

Origin: Myanmar
Host: Myanmar

Myanmar’s recent political turmoil caused by complete military takeover of the government has left thousands scrambling to survive amidst abductions, warrantless arrests and sexual violence. A cooking pot and matchstick, a makeshift tent fashioned from tarpaulin, and a slingshot, have become daily essentials for IDP’s warmth during long nights, as well as protection from imminent danger. Yet there are still some things—like a pink dress and friends’ cheerful laughter- that remind them of once happier days at home. 

The recent political turmoil in Myanmar caused by the military regime’s takeover of the government pushed back the development in Myanmar. Food insecurity, inflation, and poverty are expected to increase,  on top of the effects of the now neglected COVID-19 pandemic in the country.   

“This sling shot is a piece of home for me.
Wherever I go, it is always with me […] I feel safe when I hold this and when the danger is about to come, this is the weapon I can use to protect myself.”
This beautiful pink dress that she gives me is a piece of home and it reminds me of the happy and peaceful time we have together before the coup.
Tarpaulin is a piece of home when we were displaced […] It can provide a place for my family to stay and sleep. It also protects us from the rain and makes us warm.

Critics of the coup and their families are pursued by the military junta and are subject to abduction, warrantless arrest, and sexual violence and torture in detention. There are numerous reports of military attacks and use of heavy weaponry against innocent civilians and civilian properties, especially in hardest hit areas like Kayah state, that may constitute war crimes. Places of worship and the clergy are not spared from the attacks. Civilians in some villages resort to fighting back the military with their hand-made weapons. 


My dream of home was not so big
Just a place, my favorite space
Full of love, laughter and bliss
Always praying for the sake

My real home is not so big
It’s not grand and great
Scary sounds waken my deep sleep
Wish my little space would be safe

People say that Home Sweet Home
Is the place where love blooms?
But now, only fear has grown
Where is our Home Sweet Home
Ray, IDP Youth, Kayah

Myanmar is at risk of mass death due to starvation, disease, and exposure if no aid reaches internally displaced persons (IDPs).  Across the country, IDPs need shelter, water, food, fuel, and healthcare. These communities reported shortage of food, educational resources, and health services.  

Displacements also reach the Thailand border, with Mae Hong Son province showing the most number of border crossings. Refugees at the Thai-Myanmar border are pushed back.

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