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JRS Thailand conducted refresher courses for Karenni Education Department (KnED) teachers and school coordinators working in Ban Mae Surin camp on COVID-19 safety and prevention protocols in November 2020. Refugees learn how to use personal protective equipment and implement the contingency plan for COVID-19 in refugee camps, so that classroom and home-based learning activities can continue in a safe environment.
The recent surges in coronavirus infection in Thailand and Myanmar have emphasized the importance of strict observance of safety and prevention protocols in the camps at all times.
A JRS teacher trainer is using the Covid-19 information materials to explain the importance of hand washing and hygiene to refugee teachers in Ban Mae Surin camp, Thailand.
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, JRS team in Mae Hong Son has been working hard to sustain education, and ensure that schools are safe and secure environment for learning to continue.
KnED, with the support of JRS, utilized the school break to make necessary preparations before school reopening. Even though the Academic Year 2020 had been delayed by the Thai government, all 15 schools under JRS-KnED opened on July 6, much earlier than the anticipated opening of all 9 refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border.
In 2021, Sr. Elvenia Escultor, ​ Basic Education Coordinator, is​ explain​ing​ the​ use​ of​ mask​ through​ puppet talk at Ban Mae Surin refugee camp, Thailand.

Please read more about JRS response to COVID 19 in the region.

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