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Mr Subramanium (Thissa) Thissaharan, a refugee from Sri Lanka, completed his Bachelor’s degree in Thailand and was later resettled to a third country. Resettlement and education are part of durable solutions for refugees. It is a moment of celebration. JRS team sent him and his family off at the airport. This will be a joyful scene replayed throughout the years.
The Blue House was a place of work and celebration for the refugees, staff, and friends who come and visit. Fr. Andre Sugijopranoto, Regional Director (2000-2005), celebrates with the group.
JRS team with Tom Steinbugler, Regional Director (1990-1992), and Quentin Dignam, Regional Director (1993-1997). Also in the photo are veteran staff, Kep, Took and P’Chan who knew everyone’s favourite dish and spread the cheer from the kitchen to all corners of the office.
Fr. Steve Curtin, Regional Director (1997-2000) and Khun Emilie Ketudat in one of the many celebrations of JRS.

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